scale-X™ hydro bioreactor system

scale-X™ hydro bioreactor system

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The scale-X™ hydro bioreactor system is a small-scale automated cell culture system for rapid proof of concept studies within a reduced footprint. It features a single-use, structured fixed-bed bioreactor for intensified viral production. The scale-X hydro systems was designed to enable direct process transfer from existing processing technologies.

The scale-X hydro controller enables automated process execution and parameters monitoring and adjustment. With a very low footprint, it is designed to be used in a laminar flow or a biosafety cabinet.

Automated process control 

Controller with an integrated software interface for automated process execution and cell culture parameter monitoring and adjustment (pH, DO, temperature & agitation)

Fluid management

Built-in peristaltic pumps 

Low footprint system

To be used in laminar flow or biosafety cabinet. 

In-line monitoring 

RedOx pH, optical DO &  temperature sensors 

Easy manifolds set-up 

Pre-assembled tubing manifolds available

High density cell culture  and viral production

Structured fixed-bed  bioreactor with 2.4 m2 cell growth surface  

12 fixed-bed samples for  cell counting


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