scale-X™ carbo bioreactor

scale-X™ carbo bioreactor

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scale-X™ carbo bioreactor

The scale-X™ carbo bioreactor is a bench-scale automated cell culture system for expression and concentration of viral drug substance, suited for rapid process development and cost-effective clinical production. It features a scalable, fixed-bed bioreactor designed for enhanced upstream processing of viral products.

The scale-X carbo controller system enables automated process execution and parameters monitoring and adjustment. With a very low footprint, it is designed to be used in a laminar flow or a biosafety cabinet.

scale-X™ bioreactor range

Univercells’ scale-X™ bioreactor is a scalable, high-cell-density bioreactor designed to simplify viral production processes thereby enhancing process cost efficiency.

The bioreactor design features a fixed bed consisting of alternating sheets of non-woven polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fabric and polyvinyl spacer netting. The unique structure densifies the area available for cell growth in a small volume, which means that much larger number of cells can be grown than in other equipment of a similar footprint. Additional advantages are brought by accurate environmental control (temperature, pH, DO, agitation).

The scale-X family is designed to ensure seamless scalability from early process development to commercial manufacturing. The fixed-bed structure provides a high surface area available for cell predictable cell culture in a very low footprint, while delivering similar fluid conditions at all scales, thus ensuring predictable cell & product behavior.

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